Box of 32 sticks consisting of eight different flavors. Perfect for those who want to try them all!

Pyramid filter with rooibos infusion and rose extract.

Pyramid filter with lemon and mint infusion.

Pyramid filter with chamomile infusion.

Pyramid filter with infusion of red fruits.

Stick with alpine herbal tea, with mint, rooibos, eucalyptus, wild orange and fennel.

Stick with Digestive herbal tea, with fennel seeds (70%), nettle leaves and licorice root.

Stick with Depurative herbal tea, with sage leaves (90%) and extracts of five wild plants.

Stick with Red Fruit Tea.

Stick with pomegranate tea.

Stick with Refreshing herbal tea, with peppermint, nettle leaves and licorice root.

Stick with Detox herbal tea, with fennel seeds, peppermint leaves, nettle leaves and cinnamon.

Stick with honey and chamomile infusion.

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