Il gusto in ogni cosa


We have been cultivating a passion for taste for over fifteen years. Curiosity is the fuel of our enthusiasm. Around the intuitions we have built Seng's success and contributed to the growth of the more than five hundred customers who have chosen us. Brick by brick, we have formed a solid team, which is satisfied only with the best.

A story made of intuitions

How can dreams, achievements, projects, insights that mark the life of a company be enclosed in a simple succession of words? It starts with the story and Seng's begins with ginseng coffee. It was 2006 when the five founders set up the first import channel from Malaysia, helping to contaminate the Italian food & beverage market with new flavors. From here we started and we never stopped.
In 2013 we launched our patented capsules and after three years of constant growth we moved to the current four thousand square meter headquarters in Ravenna. The desire for ever new challenges in 2017 led us to Taiwan, from which we returned with Bubble Tea, thus giving shape to one of our most representative projects. We believed in it from day one and in a short time the "boba" became the symbolic drink of the younger generations. Today the future has a very specific direction for us, which aims to give substance to three key words: digitization, integration and sustainability.
Being competitive, being innovative and creating value: these are the three elements at the basis of our proposals.

One team for all solutions

Dynamism is our strength, which allows us to create a highly personalized service, able to adapt to the particular needs of each individual customer. We believe in the importance of simple and effective, quick and professional proposals. In a word: “ready to use”. In this way we build a complete offer, which covers the entire range of food, beverage, equipment and services products.
How do we do it? With a close-knit group of thirty people between employees and agents, led by the president Pietro Montefiori, by the financial director Dario Saragoni and by Maria Pesce in the logistics management. Furthermore, for some time we have invested in an internal team of graphic designers, which guarantees greater efficiency and all-round customization of the products.
The experience gained has allowed us to reach leading positions on the market for products for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, with progressive growth that today sees over five hundred customers renew their trust in us every year.
Our aim? Be a solution.

Via Louis Braille, n.18
48124 Fornace Zarattini (RA)

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA: 02244330391

tel: +39 0544.502326

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