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Are you running out of your products for making bubble tea? We have now developed an application for our customers to place new orders conveniently online via computer, tablet or smartphone. It will be sufficient to register and we will provide you with all the credentials to be able to access your reserved area.

The “Sweet and Salty” line is expanding! It will be enriched thanks to the arrival of preparations for crêpes, classic waffles, waffle skewers and pancakes, unique and really tasty, excellent to eat with both a savory and sweet dressing.
We at Seng offer you to try them in combination with the flavors of our FruitCrmy, the line of creams and fillings that we produce starting from a careful selection of raw materials and an accurate manufacturing process, designed to guarantee the highest quality of each individual. product.

In our catalog is available the new line of Teas, Herbal Teas and Infusions named “Infusion Time Gold”.
Unique of their kind, these are the product of a careful and scrupulous selection of the best herbs, spices and fruits. Rich in personality and with an unmistakable character, the Infusion Time Gold are very suitable to be enjoyed during a break from work or in the evening, comfortably seated on the sofa. Depending on your choice, they can be energizing, relaxing and even purifying or digestive.
Quick and easy to prepare, in our line you will find three types of green tea, two of black tea, three different infusions (including berries and red tea) and finally four herbal teas.

Seng launches the new cremosino line, a line of cold creams and sorbets designed for those who want to give their customers a moment of freshness on the hottest summer days. We are constantly looking for new flavors and variations, you just have to choose the ones you prefer!

In Seng we want to export the culture of boba also outside the world of drinks. It is for this reason that we have launched the new line of 70g single portions.
The new single-portion is designed exactly for this, garnish the ice cream with lots of color and lots of extra flavor! Prepare the ice cream, open and pour the single portion of boba over it.
All for an experience never experienced before!

The FruitCrmy line expands!

Seng launches the new white chocolate cream, a taste even richer in taste, perfect for best garnishing the brioches of your breakfasts.

One principle more than any other defines the essence of Seng: the pursuit of excellence. This is what makes us explorers of taste, which makes us live with the desire for always new challenges.
To get to TantoTanto we thought of summer, fun, the pleasure of a cool drink to break up the working day or to drink while walking down the street.
Here is our novelty for this 2022: four non-alcoholic drinks to drink cold, excellent as a thirst quencher and to break the heat. Four unique, sprinting flavors that will leave their mark.

Careful research and propensity for innovation are the two cardinal points that guide us every day in the creation of our products designed for ice cream parlors. Active in this market for several years, within Seng we have developed an offer that aims straight at quality, designed for those who want to give their customers a truly rich ice cream.
Let yourself be carried away by the freshness of a soft and nourishing moment.

Sometimes, perhaps, we forget it, but behind a little greedy sip there are moments, there are stories, there are projects and the surprising simplicity of inspiration. The unpredictable flavors of Bubble Tea are a tale that originated in the 1980s in Taiwan, when a young manager accidentally dropped tapioca pearls into the cup of tea she was sipping. She who knows what would have happened if she had thrown it all away. And she instead she tried to taste it and felt something new bloom. The bubbles are the perfect example of how sometimes a mistake can turn into success, if you are lucky enough to meet intuition.
Today the "boba" are the latest beverage fashion in New York and are spreading rapidly throughout Italy. Delicious to taste, with their bright colors they have become the protagonists of numerous photographic shots and, dragged by social networks, have taken on the role of a drink symbol of the younger generations.
Seng, since the arrival of Bubble Tea in Italy in 2017, has believed in the project and its infinite combinations of flavors. Proof of this is the birth of the new Masterbools brand. All products are among other things gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan (Master Cocco excluded).

Inside Fruitcrmy we have put all our experience to create a line that speaks of tradition, smells of quality and that seduces by enveloping the palate. There are moments that do not need words, because they live on sensations and emotions that reach straight to the heart.
To offer all this, we started with a careful selection of raw materials and an accurate manufacturing process, designed to ensure the highest quality of each individual product.
A complete line to accompany the morning breakfast beyond the boundaries of pleasure, while helping the bar to minimize the waste of brioches.
All products are gluten-free, because the passion for taste knows no bounds.

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