• We are Seng

    How can dreams, achievements, projects, insights that mark the life of a company be enclosed in a simple succession of words? It starts with the story and Seng's begins with ginseng coffee.
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  • We are Seng

    Inside Seng we are convinced of one thing: people make the difference.
    And the team is the real secret to a company's success.
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  • The Bubble Tea phenomenon

    From Instagram to ice cream parlors, a business also from Romagna.
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    The coolest drink of the summer.
    Discover now our news for summer 2022
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  • MasterBools Expo

    Revolutionize the way you garnish ice cream!
    Discover our 70g bubble display and garnish ice cream with the most explosive flavor there is
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We are curious: we travel the world as explorers, we never stop learning.
We are enthusiastic: we believe in courage, in love at first sight, in the strength of some intuitions.
We are faithful: to our origins, to the territory, to our name.
We are experts: for almost twenty years, we have been a passionate team listening to the market.
We are Italians: we love beauty, we know what is good and we cannot do without quality.
We are Seng.

Via Louis Braille, n.18
48124 Fornace Zarattini (RA)

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA: 02244330391

tel: +39 0544.502326
mail: info@seng.it

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